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Aaron, Alex & Aaron, Bud
Truetype Text Fonts Book & Disk (Shareware Treasure Chest#1)
Publisher: SYBEX [1992]
ISBN: 0-7821-1200-5
Binding: Hardcover, w/Disk

———. Shareware Treasure Chest 2: Truetype Display Fonts/Book & Disk
Publisher: SYBEX [1993]
ISBN: 0-7821-1201-3
Binding: Hardcover, w/Disk

Abbe, Dorothy
Stencilled Ornament & Illustration: A Demonstration of William Addison Dwiggins’ Method...
Publisher: Trustees of the Boston Public Library [1980]
ISBN: 0-89073-064-4
Binding: Softcover, 74pp, 6 3/4" x 10"

Adams, Debra Anne
A Dialogue of Forms: Letters & Digital Font Design
Publisher: MIT Press [1986]

Adams, Thomas F.
Typographia, or, The Printer’s Instructor (Reprint)
Publisher: Garland Publications [1981]
ISBN: 0-8240-3893-2
Binding: 282pp, 19cm

Adobe Developers Assoc.
Adobe Font Metric Files Spec., Version 3.0 (Adobe Systems Doc. LPS5004)
Publisher: Adobe Developers Assoc. [1990]

Adobe Systems, Inc.
PostScript Language Tutorial & Cookbook
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Co. [1985]
ISBN: 0-201-10179-3
Binding: Paperback

———. PostScript Language Reference Manual (2nd Ed.)
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Co. [1990]
ISBN: 0-201-18127-4
Binding: Paperback

———. Adobe Type 1 Font Format (version 1.1)
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Co. [1994]
ISBN: 0-201-57044-0
Binding: Paperback, 114pp.

———. Adobe Type 1 Font Format (2nd Ed.)
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Co. [1997]
ISBN: 0-201-60854-5
Binding: Paperback, 114pp.

Agfa Division
Intellifont Scalable Typeface Format (2nd Ed.)
Publisher: Miles/AGFA [1992]

Aicher, Otl & Rommen, Josef
Publisher: W. Ernst & Sohn, Verlag [1988]
ISBN: 3-433-02090-6

Agner, Dwight

Albracht, Manfred
Publisher: ECON/Addison-Wesley
ISBN: 3-621-2803-1
Binding: Paperback, 240pp. {German}

Aldrich-Ruenzel Nancy & Fennell, John
Designer’s Guide to Typography: A Step-By-Step Publishing Book
Publisher: Watson-Guptill Publications [1991]
ISBN: 0-8230-1308-1
Binding: Hardcover

American Type Founders Company
American Type Founders Specimen Book & Catalog 1923
Publisher: American Type Founders Company [1923]
Binding: Hardcover, 1148pp.

Amos, Beverley
Calligraphy: A Handbook for Beginners
Publisher: Simon & Schuster International [March 2000]
ISBN: 0-684-87200-5
Binding: Paperback, 96pp, 10 1/2" x 8 1/4"

Anderson, Donald M.
Calligraphy: The Art of Written Forms
Publisher: Dover Publications [1992]
ISBN: 0-486-27212-5
Binding: Paperback, 358pp.

Anderson, Janice
Illuminated Manuscripts
Publisher: TODTRI Book Publishers [December 1999]
ISBN: 1-57717-155-1
Binding: Hardcover, 128pp

André, Jacques
Font Metrics
Publisher: Irisa [1992]

André, Jacques & Hersch, Roger D.
Raster Imaging & Digital Typography: Proceedings of the International Workshop, Lausanne, 1989
Publisher: Cambridge University Press, UK [1989]
ISBN: 0-521-37490-1
Binding: Hardback, 292 pp.

André, Jacques & Morris, R.A.
Raster Imaging & Digital Typography II
Publisher: Cambridge University Press, UK [1991]
ISBN: 0-521-41764-3
Binding: Hardback

Angell, David & Heslop, Brent
Windows 3.1 Font Book, The
Publisher: Peachpit Press [1992]
ISBN: 1-56609-005-9
Binding: Paperback, 174pp.

Annenberg, Maurice
Type Foundries of America & Their Catalogs
Publisher: Oak Knoll Press [1994]
ISBN: 1-884718-06-X
Binding: Hardcover, 304pp.

Apicella, Vincent F., et al
The Concise Guide to Type Identification
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing
ISBN: 0-8306-3449-5
Binding: Paperback

Appellof, Marian
Typography 14: The Annual of the Type Directors Club
Publisher: Watson-Guptill Publications [1993]
ISBN: 0-8230-5548-5
Binding: Hardcover

Apple Computer, Inc.
QuickDraw GX Typography
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Co. [1994]
ISBN: 0-201-40679-9
Binding: Paperback, 608pp.

Asaba, K.

Atkins, Kathryn A.
Masters of the Italic Letter
Publisher: David R. Godine, Publisher
ISBN: 0-87923-594-2
Binding: Hardcover, 192pp.

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