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Rand, Paul
Rand, Paul: A Designer’s Art
Publisher: Yale University Press [1985]
ISBN: 0-300-03483-0
Binding: (xiv), 239pp, 27 cm.

———. Design, Form, and Chaos
Publisher: Yale University Press [April 1993]
ISBN: 0-300-05553-6
Binding: Hardcover, (xii), 218pp, 10 1/4" x 7 3/4"

———. From Lascaux to Brooklyn
Publisher: Yale University Press [April 1996]
ISBN: 0-300-06676-7
Binding: (xi), 187pp, 26 cm.

Reason, Ron
Communicating With Type
Publisher: Adobe Press/Hayden Books [1997]
ISBN: 1-56830-390-4
Binding: Hardcover

Reaves, Marilyn
Brush Lettering: An instructional manual in western brush calligraphy. (2nd Ed.)
Publisher: Design Books [1994]
ISBN: 1-55821-269-8
Binding: 176pp.

Reid, Glenn
PostScript Language Program Design
Publisher: Addison-Wesley [1988]
ISBN: 0-201-14396-8
Binding: Paperback

Reid, Glenn
Thinking in PostScript
Publisher: Addison-Wesley [1990]
ISBN: 0-201-52372-8
Binding: Paperback

Reynolds, Lloyd
My Dear Runemeister
Publisher: Taplinger Publishing Co. [1982]
ISBN: 0-87595-219-4
Binding: Paperback

Rice, Stanley
Book Design—Text Format Models
Publisher: R.R. Bowker Co. [1978]
ISBN: 0-8352-1045-6
Binding: Hardcover

Richardson, Margaret E.
Type Graphics: The Power of Type in Graphic Design
Publisher: Rockport Publishers [October 2000]
ISBN: 1-56496-714-X
Binding: Hardcover, 192pp, 9" x 11", 250 color images

Rockport Publishers
Digital Type: The Best Computer-Generated Type Design
Publisher: Rockport Publishers [Fall 1997]
ISBN: 1-56496-259-8
Binding: 144pp.

———. CyberDesign: Computer Manipulated Typography
Publisher: Rockport Publishers [1996]
ISBN: 1-56496-259-8
Binding: Hardcover, 144pp.

———. Letterhead & Logo Design 6
Publisher: Rockport Publishers [November 1999]
ISBN: 1564966186
Binding: Hardcover, 208pp, 12 3/8" x 9 3/8"

Rögener, Stefan, Albert-Jan Pool, Ursula Packhaüser
Branding with Type: How Type Sells
Publisher: Adobe Press/Hayden Books [1996]
ISBN: 1-56830-248-7
Binding: Paperback, 120pp.

Rogers, Bruce
Centaur Types, The
Publisher: Purdue University Press [1996]
ISBN: 1-55753-076-9
Binding: Paperback, 69pp, 23 cm.

Rogers, Bruce
Paragraphs on Printing: With Occasional Notes & Illustrations
Publisher: Dover Publications [1979]
ISBN: 0-486-23817-2
Binding: Paperback, 198pp, 7 1/2" x 10 3/4"

Rogondino, Michael
Computer Type: A Designer’s Guide to Computer-Generated Type.
Publisher: Chronicle Books [1991]
ISBN: 0877018022
Binding: 464pp.

Romain, Ron & Crabtree, Joe
Day with Biff, A
Publisher: Peachpit Press [1996]
ISBN: 0-201-88368-6
Binding: w/ Mac Disk, 96pp.

Romano, Frank J.
Desktop Typography with QuarkXpress (2nd Ed.)
Publisher: Windcrest/McGraw-Hill [1992]
ISBN: 0-8306-3058-9
Binding: Hardcover

TypEncyclopedia: A User’s Guide to Better Typography
Publisher: R. R. Bowker Co.
ISBN: 0-8352-1925-9
Binding: Paperback

Romano, Frank J. & Fenton, Howard M.
On-Demand Printing: The Revolution in Digital & Customized Printing (2nd Ed.)
Publisher: Prentice Hall [July 1998]
ISBN: 0-13-096424-7
Binding: Hardcover, 320pp

Rookledge, Gordon

Rookledge, Sarah & Eason, Ron
Rookledge’s International Directory of Type Designers: A Biographical Directory
Publisher: Sarema Press/Moyer Bell Ltd. [1991]
ISBN: 1-55921-092-3
Binding: Hardcover, 250pp, 8 3/4" x 5 1/4"

Rosen, Ben
Digital Type Specimens: The Designer’s Computer Type Book
Publisher: Van Nostrand Reinhold [1991]
ISBN: 0-442-23501-1
Binding: Paperback

Rosen, Ben
Type & Typography: Hot Metal Type
Publisher: Van Nostrand Reinhold [1976]
ISBN: 0-442-23503-8
Binding: Paperback

Roth, Stephen
Real World PostScript
Publisher: Addison-Wesley [1988]
ISBN: 0-201-06663-7
Binding: Paperback

Rubinstein, Richard
Digital Typography: An Introduction to Type & Composition for Computer System Design
Publisher: Addison-Wesley [1988]
ISBN: 0-201-17633-5
Binding: Hardcover, 340pp.

Ruder, Emil
Typography: A Manual of Design (Reprint)
Publisher: Hastings House Publications [1981]
ISBN: 0-8038-7223-2

Ruggles, Lynn Elizabeth
Paragon: An Interactive, Extensible, Environment for Typeface Design
Publisher: University of Mass-Amherst [1987]

Rummonds, Richard-Gabriel
Printing on the Iron Handpress
Publisher: Oak Knoll Books [April 1998]
ISBN: 1-8847-1840-X (PB)
Binding: Paperback, 496pp, 11" x 8"
ISBN: 1-8847-1839-6 (HC)
Binding: Hardcover, 496pp, 11 1/4" x 8 1/4"

Ryder, John
Case for Legibility, The
Publisher: The Bodley Head
ISBN: 0-370-30158-7

Ryder, John
Suite of Fleurons, A (1st Ed.)
Publisher: Tinlings/Phoenix House [1956]
Binding: Hardcover

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