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TypeBooks is primarily a set of indices of books about type, design, calligraphy and related subjects. Other regular features of this website include in-depth book reviews and compelling author interviews. Published six times a year (approximately every two months) by a staff of independent contributors, we also occasionally conduct surveys among our visitors.

This trade-oriented website is a not-for-profit organization meant to encourage progress in the letterform arts and for this reason TypeBooks is a free resource to anyone interested in learning more about these subjects through reading.

TypeBooks, by its very nature, provides exposure to a highly targeted audience. We attract a sizable following of professionals in the design industry. However, we are here for essentially anyone who is interested in the history, use and design of letterforms. This would include, but is not limited to: Graphic Designers, Illustrators, Advertisers, Typographers, Calligraphers, Publishers, Printers, Artists, Students, Educators, Writers, Book Conservationists and Collectors.

For navigational purposes, TypeBooks’ current layout makes use of frames, so by default most visitors enter the site through the cover frameset which displays two documents—the navigation page and cover page. Our content, in the order of most popular features first, are: new books; reviews; interviews; top ten; book & periodical indices.

Based on site statistics for the first two quarters of 1999*, TypeBooks is projected to achieve at least 1,500 unique visits of the Cover Page alone, per issue. Over-deliveries (views exceeding 1,500 of any ad, on any page) are free of charge. Stats are available one week after each issue expires for ads sent from our server. Click-through rates are not currently available from TypeBooks.

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