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Early Italian Writing-Books
Author: Stanley Morison
Publisher: David R. Godine, Publisher [1991]
ISBN: 0-87923-880-1
Binding: Hardcover, 220pp.

Elements of Lettering
Author: Frederic W. Goudy
Publisher: M. Kennerley [1922]
Binding: 51pp, 33cm.

Elements of Typographic Style, The* (2nd Ed.)
Author: Robert Bringhurst**
Publisher: Hartley & Marks [1997]
ISBN: 0-88179-132-6 (PB)
Binding: Paperback, 350pp.
ISBN: 0-88179-133-4 (HC)
Binding: Hardcover, 350pp.
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Embarrassment of Misprints, An: Comical & Disastrous Typos of the Centuries
Author: Max Hall
Publisher: Fulcrum Pub. [1995]
ISBN: 1-55591-202-8
Binding: Hardcover, (vii), 71pp, 20 cm.

Emigre (The Book): Graphic Design into the Digital Realm (Reprint)
Editors: Rudy VanderLans & Zuzana Licko
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons [1997]
ISBN: 0-471-28547-1
Binding: Paperback, 96pp, 11" x 15"

Encapsulated PostScript: Application Guide for the Mac & PC
Author: Peter Vollenweider
Publisher: Prentice Hall [1990]
ISBN:: 0-13-275-843-1

Encyclopedia of Calligraphy Techniques, The
Author: Diana Hardy Wilson
Publisher: Running Press Book Publishers [1990]
ISBN: 0894718509
Binding: Hardcover, 191pp.

Encyclopedia of Comparative Letterforms
Author: Norman Weinberger
Publisher: Art Directions Book Co. [1965]
ISBN: 0-910158-01-0
Binding: Hardcover

Encyclopaedia of Type Faces, The (5th Edition)
Authors: W. Pincus Jaspert, W. Turner Berry & A.F. Johnson
Publisher: Sterling/Blandford Press [1990]
ISBN: 0-7137-2186-3
Binding: Paperback, (xiii), 416pp.

End of Print, The: The Graphic Design Of David Carson*
Authors: Lewis Blackwell & David Carson
Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press/Chronicle Books [1995]
ISBN: 0-8118-1199-9
Binding: Paperback, 160 pp.
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English Printers’ Ornaments
Authors: Henry R. Plomer, Burt Franklin

Enschéde Catalog of Typographic Borders & Ornaments, The: An Unabridged Reprint of the Classic 1981 Edition
Authors: J. Enschéde, et al.
Publisher: Dover Publications [1986]
ISBN: 0-486-25172-1
Binding: Paperback

Envisioning Information
Author: Edward R. Tufte
Publisher: Graphics Press [1990]
ISBN: 0-9613921-1-8
Binding: Hardcover, 126pp.

Essay on Typography, An*
Author: Eric Gill
Publisher: David R. Godine, Publisher [1993]
ISBN: 0-87923-950-6
Binding: Paperback, 144pp.
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Excellence in Lettering & Typography (1st Edition)
Authors: Kevin Horvath & Jerry Lobato
Publisher: Pigeon Press [October 1992]
ISBN: 0-9630820-0-0
Binding: Hardcover, 148pp

Experimental Typography (Working with Computer Type, No. 4)
Author: Rob Carter
Publisher: Watson-Guptill Publications [1997]
ISBN: 2-8804-6279-7
Binding: Paperback, 160pp.

Expressive Typography: Word as Image
Author: Kimberly Elam
Publisher: Van Nostrand Reinhold [1990]
ISBN: 0-442-23356-6
Binding: Hardcover

Extreme Fonts: Digital Faces of the Future
Authors: Spencer Drate & Jütka Salavetz
Publisher: Madison Square Press/North Light Books [December 1999]
ISBN: 0-94260-474-1
Binding: Hardcover, 143pp, 12 1/4" x 9 1/4"
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