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Gill, Eric: The Inscriptions
Author: David Peace
Publisher: David R. Godine, Publisher
ISBN: 1-56792-027-6
Binding: Hardcover, 208pp.

Glossary of Typesetting Terms XII (Chicago Guides to Writing, Editing, and Publishing)
Authors: Richard Eckersley, Naomi B. Pascal, Anita Walker Scott, et al.
Publisher: The University of Chicago Press [1994]
ISBN: 0-226-18371-8
Binding: Hardcover, 170pp.

Gothic & Old English Alphabets: 100 Complete Fonts
Editor: Dan X. Solo & Solotype Typographers
Publisher: Dover Publications [1984]
ISBN: 0-486-24695-7
Binding: Paperback

Goudy, Frederic W. 1865-1947, Biography (Masters of American Design Series)
Author: D.J. Bruckner
Publisher: H.N. Abrams [1990]
ISBN: 0810910357
Binding: 144pp, 32cm.

Goudy’s Type Designs, His Story and Specimens
Author: Frederic W. Goudy
Publisher: Oak Knoll Press [May 1979]
ISBN: 0-918142-04-0 (hc)
ISBN: 0-918142-04-0 (pb)
Binding: Hardcover & Paperback, 286pp.

Graphic Artist’s Guild Handbook of Pricing & Ethical Guidlines (9th Ed.)
Author: Graphic Artist’s Guild
Publisher: [1997]
ISBN: 0-932102-09-3
Binding: Paperback, 328pp.

Graphic Communications: Design through Production
Author: Martin Greenwald, John Luttropp
Publisher: Delmar Publishers [1997]
ISBN: 0-8273-6459-8
Binding: Casebound

Graphic Design for the Electronic Age
Author: Jan V. White
Publisher: Watson-Guptill Publications [1988]
ISBN: 0-8230-2121-1
Binding: 212pp.

Graphic Design & Reading: Explorations of an uneasy relationship
Editor: Gunnar Swanson
Publisher: Allworth Press [July 2000]
ISBN: 1-58115-063-6
Binding: Softcover, 256pp

Graphic Design & Typography in the Netherlands: A View of Recent Work
Author: Herb Lubalin Study Center of Design & Typography
Publisher: Cooper Union & Princeton Architectural Press [1992]
Binding: 60pp, 28cm.

Graphic Design in America: A Visual Language History.
Authors: Steven Heller & Mildred Friedman
Publisher: Walker Art Center [1989]
ISBN: 0-8109-1036-5
Binding: Hardcover

Graphic Design with PostScript
Author: Gerald Kunkel
Publisher: Scott Foresman & Co. [1990]
ISBN: 0-673-38794-1

Graphic Edge, The
Editor: Rick Poynor
Publisher: Booth-Clibborn Editions/Internos Books [1995]
ISBN: 0688-14256-7
Binding: Paperback, 208pp.

Graphic Language of Neville Brody 2, The
Author: Jon Wozencroft
Publisher: Universe Publishing [1996]
ISBN: 0-7893-0073-7
Binding: Paperback, 175pp.

Graphis Digital Fonts 1
Editor: Herausgegeben Von Edite Par, et al
Publisher: Graphis Press [1996]
ISBN: 1-88800105-4
Binding: Hardcover, 224 pp.

Graphis Type Specimen
Editor: B. Martin Pedersen
Publisher: Graphis Press [1995]
ISBN: 3-85709-457-5
Binding: Hardcover

Graphis Typography 1
Editor: B. Martin Pedersen
Publisher: Graphis Press/Watson-Guptill Publications [1994]
ISBN: 0-8230-6269-4
Binding: Hardcover, 256pp.

Graphis Typography 2
Editor: B. Martin Pedersen
Publisher: Graphis Press [September 2000]
ISBN: 1-88800-126-7
Binding: Hardcover, 224pp, 9 1/2" x 12"

Great Production by Design
Author: Constance J. Sidles
Publisher: North Light Books [July 1998]
ISBN: 0-8913-4838-7
Binding: Paperback

Great Type & Lettering Designs
Editor: David Brier
Publisher: North Light Books [July 1992]
ISBN: 0-89134-440-3
Binding: Hardcover, 160pp.

Greek Letters: From Tablets to Pixels
Editor: Michael S. Macrakis
Publisher: Oak Knoll Press [December 1996]
ISBN: 1-884718-27-2
Binding: Hardcover, (xxviii), 300pp.

Guide to LaTex 2E, A: Document Preparation for Beginners and Advanced Users (Kopka, Helmut. Guide to LaTex.)
Authors: Helmut Kopka, Patrick W. Daly
Publisher: [1995]
ISBN: 0-201-42777-X
Binding: Paperback

Ing, Janet Thompson
Gutenberg, Johann, and his Bible: A Historical Study
Author: Janet Thompson Ing
Publisher: British Library [December 1988] (2nd Edition, Revised, by Typophiles [1990])
ISBN: 094507400X
Binding: Hardcover, 154pp.

Gutenberg, Johann: The Man & His Invention
Author: Albert Kapr (Translated by Douglas Martin)
Publisher: Scolar Press [September 1995]
ISBN: 1-85928-114-1
Binding: Hardcover, 320pp, 24 cm.

Gutenberg, Johann: The Story of the Invention of Moveable Type & How...
Author: Michael Pollard
Publisher: Exley Publications [1992]
ISBN: 1-85015-255-1
Binding: Paperback

Gutenberg’s Gift
Author: Nancy Willard
Publisher: Wild Honey/Harcourt Brace [1995]
ISBN: 0-15-200783-0
Binding: Unpaginated, Children’s Pop-Up, 22 x 27 cm.

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