By Jessica Helfand
The talented author Jessica Helfand brings us two thorough, critical essays on a revered American graphic designer, the late Paul Rand. Paul Rand: American Modernist is a well-researched and objective look at the man who designed such enduring cultural icons as the IBM and Westinghouse trademarks. Helfand explores Rand’s far-reaching influence in the diverse realms of education, writing and design. Paul Rand: American Modernist ends with a selected chronology of Rand’s career. This intimate book was designed by William Drenttel and Jeffrey Tyson and its pages are skillfully set in Emigre’s Filosofia.

—Delve Withrington

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Rand, Paul: American Modernist
Author: Jessica Helfand
Publisher: William Drenttel [1998]
ISBN: 1-884381-16-2
Binding: Paperback w/ dust jacket, 86pp, 4 1/2" x 7"

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