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Calligrapher's Handbook, The
Editor: Heather Child
Publisher: Taplinger Publishing Co.
ISBN: 0-8008-1198-4
Binding: Paperback

Calligrapher's Project Book, The
Author: Susanne Haines
Publisher: Crescent Books [1987]
ISBN: 0-517-63402-3

Calligraphic Flourishing: A New Approach to an Ancient Art
Author: Bill Hildebrandt
Publisher: David R. Godine, Publisher
ISBN: 1-56792-028-4
Binding: Paperback, 132pp.

Calligraphic Styles
Author: Tom Gourdie
Publisher: Taplinger Publishing Co. [1979]
ISBN: 0-8008-1181-X
Binding: 106pp.

Calligraphy: The Art of Written Forms
Author: Donald M. Anderson
Publisher: Dover Publications, Inc. [1992]
ISBN: 0-486-27212-5
Binding: Paperback, 358pp.

Calligraphy Now: New light on traditional letters.
Author: Margaret Shepherd
Publisher Putnam [1984]
ISBN: 0-399-12975-8

Calligraphy Project Book: A complete step-by-step guide.
Author: Susan Hufton
Publisher: Sterling Publishing Co. [1995]
ISBN: 0-8069-3986-9
Binding: 144pp.

Calligraphy Sampler, The: Roman Alphabets.
Author: Pearce, Charles
Publisher: Collins [1985]
ISBN: 0-00-411909-6

Calligraphy School
Gaynor Goffe & Anna Ravenscroft
Publisher: Readers Digest Association [1994]
ISBN: 0-89577-524-7
Binding: 176pp, 26 cm.

Calligraphy Tips
Author: Bill Gray
Publisher: McGraw-Hill/Design Press [1989]
ISBN: 0-8306-5501-8
Binding: Paperback

Carson, David: 2nd Sight: Grafik Design After the End of Print*
Authors: David Carson & Lewis Blackwell
Publisher: Universe Publishing/Rizzoli International [1997]
ISBN: 0-7893-0128-8
Binding: Paperback, 176pp., 11 1/2" x 9 3/4"
*Read the TypeBooks Review of this book!

Case for Legibility, The
Author: John Ryder
Publisher: The Bodley Head
ISBN: 0-370-30158-7

Celtic Alphabets
Author: Aidan Meehan
Publisher: Thames & Hudson [1997]
ISBN: 0-500-27980-2
Binding: Paperback, 96pp.

Centaur Types, The
Author: Bruce Rogers
Publisher: Purdue University Press [1996]
ISBN: 1-55753-076-9
Binding: Paperback, 69pp, 23 cm.

Champ Flevry
Author: Geofroy Troy
Publisher: Peter Smith Publishers, Inc.
ISBN: 0-8446-3082-9
Binding: Hardcover

Chapters on Writing & Printing
Author: Paul Standard
Publisher: Anvil Press [1963]
ISBN: None
Binding: 70pp, 26 cm.

Character Code Standard
Author: Xerox Corporation
Publisher: Xerox Corporation [1989]

Chicago Manual of Style, The (14th Ed.)
Authors: Chicago Editorial Staff
Publisher: The University of Chicago Press [1993]
ISBN: 0-226-10389-7
Binding: Hardcover, 921pp.

Classic Roman Alphabets: 100 Complete Fonts
Author: Dan X. Solo
Publisher: Dover Publications [1983]
ISBN: 0-486-24517-9
Binding: Paperback

Classic Type Faces and How to Use Them
Author: J. I. Biegeleisen
Publisher: Dover Publications [1995]
ISBN: 0-486-28727-0
Binding: Paperback, 247pp.

Classical Typography in the Computer Age
Author: Hermann Zapf & John Dreyfus
Publisher: Oak Knoll Press [1991]
ISBN: 0-614-07226-3
Binding: Paperback, 52pp.

Collier's Rules for Desktop Design and Typography
Author: David Collier
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Longman
ISBN: 0-201-54416-4
Binding: Paperback

Color Decoration & Illumination in Calligraphy
Author: Margaret Morgan
Publisher: Dover Publications, Inc. [1997]
ISBN: 0-486-29507-9
Binding: Paperback, 96pp, 8 1/2" x 11"

Communicating With Type
Author: Ron Reason
Publisher: Adobe Press/Hayden [1997]
ISBN: 1-56830-390-4
Binding: Hardcover

Complete Book of Calligraphy, The
Author: Emma Macalik Butterworth
Publisher: Lippincott & Crowell [1980]
ISBN: 0-690-01852-5
Binding: Paperback, 164pp, 24 cm.

Complete Calligrapher, The
Author: Frederick Wong
Publisher: Watson-Guptill Publications [1980]
ISBN: 0-8230-0778-2
Binding: 184pp.

Complete Typographer, The
Authors: C. Perfect & J. Austen
Publisher: Quarto Books/Prentice Hall [1992]
ISBN: 0-13-045667-5
Binding: Hardcover, 224pp.

Computer-Aided Letter Design
Authors: David G. Kindersley & Neil E. Wiseman
Publisher: [1979]

Computer-Aided Typeface Design
Author: Kathleen Anne Carter
Publisher: Cambridge University [1986]

Computer Modern Typefaces: Computers and Typesetting (5th Ed.)
Author: Donald Ervin Knuth
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Co. [1986]
ISBN: 0-201-13446-2
Binding: Hardcover

Computer Type: A Designer's Guide To Computer-Generated Type.
Author: Michael Rogondino
Publisher: John Taylor Book Ventures/Chronicle Books [1991]
ISBN: 0-87701-802-2
Binding: 464pp.

Computers & Typography*
Author: Rosemary Sassoon
Publisher: Intellect Ltd [1993]
ISBN: 1-871516-23-4
Binding: Paperback, 208pp, 230 x 174mm
*Read the TypeBooks Review of this book!

Concise Guide to Type Identification, The
Author: Vincent F. Apicella, et al
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing
ISBN: 0-8306-3449-5
Binding: Paperback

Concise Information: From Gutenberg to the U.S Government
Author: William Bevington
Publisher: The Herb Lubalin Study Center [1994]
Binding: 16pp.

Contemporary Calligraphy: Modern Scribes and Lettering Artists II
Author: New York Society of Scribes
Publisher: David R. Godine, Publisher
ISBN: 0-87923-877-1
Binding: Paperback

Contemporary Typography
Author: Jan Tschichold
Publisher: New Laboratory Press [1961]

Cool Type
Authors: Spencer Drate, Jütka Salavetz & Mark Smith
Publisher: North Light Books [1997]
ISBN: 0-89134-728-3
Binding: Hardcover, 144pp.

Copywriting By Design: Bringing Ideas to Life With Words & Images
Author: David Herzbrum
Publisher: NTC Publishing Group [1996]
ISBN: 0-8442-3671-3
Binding: Paperback

Counterpunch: Making Type in the Sixteenth Century, Designing Typefaces Now
Author: Fred Smeijers
Publisher: Hyphen Press [1996]
ISBN: 0-9072-5906-5
Binding: Paperback

Creative Edge Page Design (Creative Edge Series)
Author: Lynn Haller
Publisher: [1997]
ISBN: 0-89134848-4
Binding: Hardcover

Creative Editing for Print Media, 2nd Ed.
Authors: Dorothy Bowles and Diane Borden
Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing [1997]
ISBN: 0-534-50893-6
Binding: Paperback

Creative Lettering Today
Author: Michael Harvey
Publisher: Lyons & Burford [1996]
ISBN: 1-558-21453-4
Binding: Paperback, 224pp.

Creative Newspaper Design (2nd Ed.)
Authors: Vic Giles and F. W. Hodgson
Publisher: Focal Press [1996]
ISBN: 0-240-51442-4
Binding: Paperback, 280pp.

Creative Typography
Author: Marion March
Publisher: North Light Books [1988]
ISBN: 0-89134-258-3
Binding: Hardcover, 144pp.

Crystal Goblet, The
Authors: Beatrice Warde
Publisher: World Publishing Co. [1956]
ISBN: None
Binding: 221pp.

Curve-fitting with Piecewise Parametric Cubics
Author: Michael Plass & Maureen Stone
Publisher: CompGraphics [1983]
Binding: 239pp.

CyberDesign: Computer Manipulated Typography
Editors: Rockport Publishers
Publisher: Rockport Publishers [1996]
ISBN: 1-56496-259-8
Binding: Hardcover, 144pp.

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