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To browse for a specific title click the letter corresponding to the first word in the title. Titles beginning with "U or V" are listed by alpha below. You can also implement the "find/search on this page" feature on your web browser. It's best to look for a more specific word in a title besides "font", "type", "typography" or "design" as most of these book titles have those words in them. If the book you're looking for is not on here, or you have a correction to an existing entry, drop it in The Suggestion Box. For a reference of popular titles, check out the Top Ten List. You can also look up books by their Author. Happy Hunting!

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U&lc; Type Selection
Editors: Mark Batty & Allan Haley
Publisher: Lund Humphries [1992]
ISBN: 0-8533-1634-1
Binding: Paperback

Understanding PostScript Programming (2nd Ed.)
Author: David Holzgang
Publisher: SYBEX [1988]
ISBN: 0-89588-566-2
Binding: Hardcover

Understanding Type for Desktop Publishing
Author: Paul Luna
Publisher: Routledge [1992]
ISBN: 0-948905-76-X
Binding: Hardcover

Unicode Standard, The (2nd Edition)
Editors: The Unicode Consortium
Publisher: Addison Wesley Longman/Computer & Engineering Publishing Group [1996]
ISBN: 0-201-48345-9
Binding: Paperback w/ CD-ROM, 950pp, 11" x 8 1/2"

Urgent Images: The Graphic Language of the Fax
Editor: Edward Booth-Clibborn
Publisher: Booth-Clibborn Editions/Gingko Press [1995]
ISBN: 1-873968-17-5
Binding: Hardcover, 176pp, 8 3/4" x 10 3/4"

Using Type Right: 121 Basic No-Nonsense Rules for Working with Type
Author: Philip Brady
Publisher: North Light Books [1989]
ISBN: 0-8913-4255-9
Binding: Paperback, 119pp.


van Krimpen, Jan, The Work of (Reprint)
Author: John Dreyfus
Publisher: Hartley & Marks [1996]
ISBN: 0-88179-112-1
Binding: Paperback

Verbum Book of Digital Typography, A
Author: Michael Gosney
Publisher: M & T Books [1991]
ISBN: 1-55851-092-3
Binding: Paperback

View of Early Typography, A
Author: Harry Carter
Publisher: [1969]

Visible Aspects of Text: Applying Visual Psychophysics to User Interface Design
Authors: R. J. Watt, et al
Publisher: [1990]
Binding: 325pp.

Visible Speech: The Diverse Oneness of Writing Systems
Author: John DeFrancis
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press [1989]
ISBN: 0-8248-1207-7
Binding: Hardcover

Visible Word, The: Experimental Typography & Modern Art, 1909-1923
Author: Johanna Drucker
Publisher: The University of Chicago Press [1996]
ISBN: 0-226-16502-7
Binding: Paperback

Visual & Technical Aspects of Type
Editor: Roger D. Hersch
Publisher: Cambridge University Press, US [1993]
ISBN: 0-5214-4026-2
Binding: Hardback, 204pp.

Visual Communication: Images with Messages
Author: Paul Lester
Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing [1995]
ISBN: 0-534-19530-X
Binding: Paperback

Visual Display of Quantitative Information, The (Reprint Edition)
Author: Edward R. Tufte
Publisher: Graphics Press [1992]
ISBN: 0-9613921-0-X
Binding: Hardcover, 197pp.

Visual Explanations: Images & Quantities, Evidence & Narrative
Author: Edward R. Tufte
Publisher: Graphics Press [1997]
ISBN: 0-9613921-2-6
Binding: Hardcover, 156pp, 10 3/4" x 9"

Visual Function: An Introduction to Information Design
Author: Paul Mijksenaar
Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press [1997]
ISBN: 1-56898-118-X
Binding: Paperback, 56pp, 6 3/4" x 8 1/4"

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